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[FREE ] 21 Savage Type Beat ‘Top Level’ Free Trap Beats 2018 – Rap/Trap Instrumental

[FREE ] 21 Savage Type Beat 'Top Level' Free Trap Beats 2018 - Rap/Trap Instrumental

FREE 21 Savage Type Beat // Free trap beat 2018
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All these beats are free for non commercial use, give credit when you use them in the following way:

Todas estas instrumentales son de uso libre y gratuito para uso no comercial, tendr谩s que dar cr茅dito cuando las uses de la siguiente manera:

(Prod. 27Corazones Beats)


All FREE BEATS can only be used for non-profitable, non-commercial projects and nothing besides that. I must also be credited in the title and description (prod. 27Corazones Beats and as described above ) Please, keep in mind – before releasing your song if you want to make profit with it, you must purchase a licence that is suitable for yourself before releasing. No arrangements can be made otherwise unless we’ve had a discussion. Regardless If you’ve purchased a licence or not, you cannot register your song on BMI/ASCAP/WIPO/OMPI or any worldwide copyright organization or any other Content ID system unless you have acquired an exclusive license. They only offer with personalized rhythms.

Estas BASES INSTRUMENTALES DE USO LIBRE se pueden usar exclusivamente para proyectos no lucrativos y de uso no comercial y nada m谩s. Deber谩 estar puesto mi cr茅dito en el t铆tulo y las descripciones si las hubiese (prod. 27Corazones Beats como hemos descrito anteriormente)
Por favor, tenga en cuenta – antes de lanzar su canci贸n, si desea obtener beneficios con ella, debe adquirir una licencia que sea adecuada para usted antes de divulgarla.
No se pueden hacer arreglos de otra manera a menos que hayamos tenido una conversaci贸n al respecto. Independientemente de haber adquirido una licencia o no, no podr谩s registrar tu canci贸n en BMI / ASCAP / WIPO / OMPI ni en ninguna otra organizaci贸n mundial de derechos de autor ni en ning煤n otro sistema de Content ID a menos que hayas adquirido una licencia exclusiva. S贸lo se ofrecen con ritmos personalizados.


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20 comments on “[FREE ] 21 Savage Type Beat ‘Top Level’ Free Trap Beats 2018 – Rap/Trap Instrumental

  • Created this path that I鈥檓 on, An I be feeling it never get rid of it, pumping adrenaline all in my veins, know they be hating but won鈥檛 say no names, I鈥檒l leave em alone till they sleep in the ground,

  • Gucci gang?

  • good

  • Hot beat!

  • Hab keinen Schlaf denke weiter
    Ficke deine mom und die neider
    Sie denken ich Rap nicht weiter
    Doch mache weiter und schei脽e auf die neider
    Rappe die Parts
    Ficke Dein arsch
    Du denkst du w盲rst krass
    Doch kein Spass
    Du kannst es nicht
    Es tut mir leid
    Ficke Deine ma und deine Schwester thight
    Sie sehen mein Riesen dick (Ha)
    Es wird richtig gefickt (Ha)
    2x Schau wie die Welt tickt (Ha)

    Refrain:2x Bruder muss los
    1x Bruder muss losssssss
    2x Bruder muss los
    1x Bruder muss losssssss

    Bruder ich hab flows
    Mein Schwanz ist gross
    Ich ficke deine ma und deine Hoes
    Bruder mach mir ein floss
    Bruder lass mal dein Plasma
    Du hast asthma

  • Trap hard get doe

  • Yo 27 you are godly with the keys brother. You inspire me everyday.

  • Woooooool

  • Damn bro I know before I even click them shits that I'm in for a treat 馃拵

  • 瓿犽敥雲鸽灅鞐办姷旮

    November 26, 2018 at 11:22 pm


    Look homies look at me
    雮 鞏胳牅雮 雱堩潿鞐愱矊 歃濍獏 霕 歃濍獏 霕 歃濍獏
    鞚搓矊 雮 靾欕獏 霕 靾欕獏 霕 靾柎 氩勲Μ電
    霝橅嵓霌れ潃 霕 鞏措敂搿 瓯半Μ搿 雮橁皜 氩勲Μ電 rhyme
    雮措灘霌j碃 靹滊矂毽姅 雱堨潣 thin鈥 sexy me
    I dont get it shit underground i started it
    Form the bottem on ma me

    A to the z make to 雿 歆霝 毵烄潃 靸來櫓
    雱 靾柎 霊愲崝歆 雮搓皜 鞗愴枅雿 靸來櫓 霐
    鞚搓卑歆 氙快棃雿 雮 homies 鞚挫牋 靾
    瓯半憪歆 雮 瓯办<歆 fuck鈥檈m beverly
    1ils mc霃 鞎勲媽鞎犽摛鞚 歆旒滊炒瓿犾瀳歆

    雮 旮半秳鞚 motherfuckin鈥 super sugar
    甑备頃橃 雮搓矊 雼饯頃 鞁滌劆鞚 niggas
    No 2 thin 雼堨綌韹挫澊 頃勳殧頃 鞁滌爯鞐
    雼れ嫓 頃滊矆 getin motherfuckers
    觳错棙頃 雮 superman version
    雮犾晞雼る媹電旍 雼 毹鸽Μ毹鸽Μ鞙勲ゼ
    鞏措Μ氩勲Μ韮電 鞎犽ゼ 霑岆Μ霑岆Μ電旉贝
    鞆橂Μ鞆橂Μ 瓯半Μ鞙勳棎 鞛堧姅 歆旮
    旮半秳鞚 fuckin high 鞚措 歃濍獏頄堨毵
    甑踌澊 歃濍獏頃橂澕氅 雮 霕 氤挫棳欷 show me
    What?(show me What?) and prove
    I make you to force me get it 臧濌赴
    攵毽姅 鞎犼赴 鞏橁赴 霌れ柎欤检瀽雼 雮 攴臧
    Fuckin 臧毽鞎婈碃 毹轨柎欷勱矊 雼堧摛鞚
    Rapin and diction 毵橃棎霃勳梿電
    臧滌唽毽 毵堨厰 雮 毵堨箻 氚旊嫟
    韺岆弰韺岆弰 雭濎澊鞐嗢柎

    靹膘灔頄堨 雮 18雲勲弰
    頉勴殞頄堨 攴 鞁滊皽霠弰
    雮 氩勲Μ瓿 臧 攴 靷瀸霌る弰
    Fuckin 2 ma 鞎勲於旍柎
    雮 韴實鞚 氤惦稒 頇曤鞚 氤惦秷氤

  • Ay guyz give me Sum feedback on my new Track 馃挴馃幎

  • My Titanic Official

    November 27, 2018 at 12:07 am


    Hey I'm gonna sound like one of those annoying people but anyway I just dropped a new song if anyone wants to check it out and leave feedback that would be awsome thanks馃槉

  • this one dope fam


  • hatever it is, they're getting it straight
    I'm too obsessed, too dedicated, never escape
    I ain't scared, I'ma go in, looking like I'm glowing
    Running on beats, you show me your feet
    If you ever be down to flowing
    And now, I got a notion, I'm a put this into motion
    Speeding through the present
    Trying to get there and coach, man
    Hopes the dope man will be there soon
    For now the music up loud and the beat on smooth
    I'm just rhyming, spitting so efficient
    Keeping the tradition, while seeking to be different
    Just dropped K.I.D.S., but I'm a man of many words
    You had to do it big, but couldn't never stop the work
    Now you heard my words so your bubbles gonna burst
    Yeah we're on third but say what's up to the homies on first
    If I can, I'm a kick it, rip it just cause I love it
    Now they see me, ask me if I can spit it right out in public
    Hey, yo, rappers got time that they're wasting, hating
    When they could focus on their own grind, skating
    They mad I got fans and they mad I got love
    Cause me and music fit like a glove, so snug
    All you angry mother fuckers can go on and form a club
    Cause when you come around me, it ain't nothing but love
    I got girls giving hugs, people dapping me up
    And you in the corner, like, "oh man, mac sucks! "
    Been a long grind and a little bit of luck
    Feeling blessed everyday for the way I'm coming up
    I can promise you this: I ain't even close to done
    Just pray to god that I'm safe when the soldiers come
    They hear me, they forgetting if I'm old or young
    Got this music on lock, but I open up
    All the time, cause my bars and my rhymes be my lifestyle
    Blowing white clouds, You getting high right now

  • I love this

  • Bitch I鈥檓 icy I鈥檓 not speaking politely shut the fuck up bitch I don鈥檛 really care if you ike me why these niggas want this smoke but they won鈥檛 fight me Damn this bitch is feisty and she really like me and we smoking Brocc oli wihy this nigga popo try to start with me he crazy needs some thearpy

  • Young Kenny Preach

    November 27, 2018 at 4:40 am


    This is heat 馃敟nice art too

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